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Thank you for the feedback! Answering your questions regarding the mobile app, yes it is essentially a website with a few caveats.

The automatic device detection only works when the app knows the IP of the device the browser is being run on. In PhoneGap, I accomplish this with compiled code for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. On the desktop, this isn’t possible. Another issue when using the browser is an inability to bypass CORS and you will run into issues using it directly from a browser.

The grunt build command doesn’t make all the apps. I use PhoneGap Build for some of the apps but overall yes, it helps me package the apps for distribution.

The best way to test is to use OSPi. Just install the software somewhere and use port 8080 to connect to it. The app is essentially the same with the OSPi.

Lastly, I will look into user’s being able to edit posts as this seems to be a recurring issue.