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I upgraded to to the beta and don’t understand what I did wrong when trying to export my setup for restoring.

Well hopefully you exported your data before upgrading.

I tried the export to email and export to file but there was no promts. I tried several times.I clicked local but when I restated and tried to import there was nothing but a file in windows notebook that is not recognized.Is there a chance that my setup is still around? What normanly should show when you click export email or file or local?

Exporting to file will cause the browser to download a file, typically to your download directory. Local saves it to the application’s internal storage. This should persist through upgrades, etc. If a backup is found within the app, the import button will present an option to restore from internal storage. If you have a file on your desktop, named backup.json, then you have a backup on your computer. You can also use that to import. Export email will open your default email client with an email drafted with the backup as the content. File just downloads a file.