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No backup was generated before the update.I clicked the export buttons a few times but probably did’nt hit submit.The sd card card showed properly.Now after the update it does backup to a .json file in the downloads folder.I set up the API for weather but how can I specify what weather station to use?Where is wunder choosing as my location?If it’s the city showing in the open sprinkler weather box it will be useless around here as the town location just got over 2 inches of rain and at my location less than 1/4 inch.There are several wunder private and government weather stations less than one mile from my location.Is there any way to know if the api is using specific data?Is the weather adjustment off in manual mode?Thanks for the update still looking for a run once button for any scheduled program.
Extra start times is unusual compared to industry standards,most all controllers have 3 to 8 start times numbered and set by time like open’s first start time.The mobile ui is way better.I hadn’t updated in awhile,it nows is easy to use as a remote control for field work thanks rwp