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@rwp: First of all, please, when posting multiple questions, split them in bullets so it’s easy for us to track all the questions you asked. Putting all questions in one paragraph with no space in between makes it really hard to keep track.

how can I specify what weather station to use?

You can specify a Wunderground PWS station as your location. For example, the one closest to me is pws:KMAAMHER2. For specifics, please check

Is there any way to know if the api is using specific data?

Whichever location you set in OpenSprinkler, you can type in the same location in and you will see the data it’s using. Also, in the web interface, on the side bar (click on the upper-left corner icon will bring out the side bar), ‘Wunderground Diagnostics’ tells you the data it’s using.

Is the weather adjustment off in manual mode?

Yes, weather adjustment is always ignored in manual or run-once program, because you typically want to specify the exact amount of water time in manual and run-once program mode.

Extra start times is unusual compared to industry standards most all controllers have 3 to 8 start times numbered and set by time like open’s first start time

I do not understand what you mean. This firmware allows up to 4 start times. In addition, you can specify repeating start times, which is similar to the ‘interval’ start times in the old firmware. Would you like more start times or less start times?

Thanks for the update still looking for a run once button for any scheduled program.

There is a run-once program button right on the homepage.