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I have a “proof of concept” working. Whenever entries are placed in the log, a message is published on an MQTT broker, and Node-Red sends this to a Raspberry Pi running XBMC.  This causes a popup with the log entry to appear on my TV. Although I doubt I want to have this popup appearing in the long term it is useful when testing! Node-Red can send it elsewhere just as easily.

The code is

– import the MQTT library into (1 line),

– in log_run reformatting the log entry as an MQTT message (1 line),

– publishing the message in log_run (1 line)

– and in Node Red I had to reformat the message to a format suitable for the XBMC addon I use (a couple of lines).

If there is interest I will provide more detail.

To do this I had to modify log_run in so that when it inserts a log entry it publishes it to MQTT. I would prefer not to modify core code and have this option as a separate plugin. Is this possible?

Also I noticed that when using the Android Opensprinkler application, manually running a station does not result in a log entry. Is this a bug?