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Helpful (and I’ve read the manual), but my concern is quite simply that he’s not very bright, and I don’t trust him not to mess something up.  If it’s not bonehead simple so a 5-year-old couldn’t mess it up, I just don’t trust him to mess with anything.  If we were talking about someone truly literate and known to be able to think things through, it would be less of an issue, but unfortunately, given his track record… I’d rather have a separate collection of buttons that he literally can’t screw up.

It seems possible I could set up custom programs called simply “Stn 1 – 2 min test” and “Stn 2 – 2 min test” and so on, but it’s hard to visualize the exact button presses (and resulting screen displays) needed to get to those test programs.

Is it really difficult to add the hardware buttons as I originally described?