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So it’s the station that reads the rain delay not the program? A station within a program that is supposed to run when the rain delay expires (goes to 0) will then run?

Looking at other irrigation systems the rain delay is typically to delay the program not the station. Weather and boundaries are typically considered on a calendar day period.

Example below:

Program “All” begins to run (3pm) which includes 12 stations. It’s currently cycling through station #4 at 4pm.
I tell the system to rain delay 1 day (absolute 4pm).
The next day it’s scheduled to run the same program at the same time.
Come 3pm when program “All” is set to run, it detects a rain delay and doesn’t run – none of the stations.
The following day, program “All” runs.

If you want to supply functionality both ways, a check box that says “[]Delay Program” would work.