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I have 8 OpenSprinkler 2.1’s that I use to irrigate my home garden and Citrus properties. I went around today and upgraded them all to the new 2.1 firmware from 2.09.

I think I have found a bug in that I have imported the old settings/programs and am then re-naming them, and change them to a fixed start time instead of repeating. When I “save changes ….” it makes a new program with the new name I chose and the old program 1 is still in the program line up. When I try to delete the “program 1” the prompt box says “are you sure you want to delete program 2?” instead of program 1 and if I click yes program 2 is deleted and not program 1. When I renamed program 2 the same thing happens with the original program 2 still being there and the new renamed program as well. And if I try to delete program 2 it says delete program 4.

Also on renaming program 1 and program 2 an extra program 5 is in the list which I haven’t touched (see screen shot).

In the preview programs, everything is as it should be with the renamed program 1 and 2 showing up as expected and no extra programs.

I am using the web interface in Chrome on my PC to make these changes. I have attached the backup settings from 2.09 from the unit I am talking about.

Overall I am very happy with the units and the new firmware will make programing the devices easier and less confusing (especially dealing with the multiples of units I am running).

Thanks for your hard work.