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@philkr: thanks for supporting OpenSprinkler and for reporting the bug. I think I myself may have seen an instance of the issue you reported. One thing to note is that each program is given a default name: Program 1, Program 2 and so on. When a program name is left empty (i.e. not given), it will show the default name. However, since a program can also be assigned a custom name, Program 1 may have a name that’s called Program 2. So when programs have such names, it can become confusing especially after reordering them. We will see if we can reproduce the issue you reported.

: I’ve always used the driver in the libusb_0.1.12.1 folder, including when I installed it on Windows 7 64-bit. The solution you described (using libusb_1.2.40) seems to work for Windows 7 64-bit, as that version is a partially signed driver (and Windows 7 seems to be ok with partially signed driver). But I don’t think it works for Windows 8. In any case, will check this again later. I only use Linux and Mac on a day to day basis, so I need to find a computer with Win 7 64-bit to test again.

Regarding removing SD card: that’s only necessary for an early batch of OS 2.0, which did not have a pull up resistor on the SD card’s chip select pin (as a result, the SD card interferes with the firmware upgrade process). Unless if you have a very earlier version of OS 2.0, there is no need to remove SD card.