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Hi Ray,

I had left this project to the side as I still had no joy with the power issues mentioned above over the last 6 months. It is pretty dry here in Australia at the moment and as I am away from home a lot I decided to have a closer look at it last weekend.  I pulled the covers off the unit and was checking it for any obvious problems. I saw that there was a new firmware so attempted the update.

I made a very amateur error and left a screw on the table I was working on and shorted the board out. After a bit of research on this site I found a circuit diagram (couldn’t locate the diagram for hardware version I have) and found that I killed the Ethernet IC and the 3.3 Volt regulator. I managed to replace both components and then complete the firmware update.

I am pleased to say that the power supply and freezing issues I reported previously have gone. I have tested the unit most of the day and I am very impressed with the new features and the app. A job well done to you on this. This is now a very powerful piece of kit. I intend to connect more sprinklers as well as some garden lights.

I also have replaced the network switch with a newer model and it is working too.

Thanks again for your assistance and you work on this great product!