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Dan in CA

Ian and munnecke,

There is a new branch on the OSPi GitHub repository named Blinker_test. You can pull an update from the repository then

git checkout Blinker_test

to switch to the new branch.

It includes a new plugin named You may need to set the permissions to executable to make it load. You will also need to have the blinker Python module installed (see previous post). If you run the ospi program from the command line and make some changes to the program in the UI, such as running a run-once program you will see the changes reported in the console.

This is just a test of Blinker’s signalling but it reports most changes a user can make in the main program. Take a look at the code in for more information. The other changes are in and

I think it would be good to have this capability as a standard feature of the ospi program. Especially if we can get it talking to Node-red through MQTT. I have been watching some intro MQTT videos on YouTube and some people claim it is the state of the art for the internet of things.

Thanks for starting this thread.