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wow… things are happening fast… Great work, Ian and Dan.  Hopefully, I’ll get to this tomorrow to test out.  In the spirit of “eating my own dog food,” I plan to install two OSPI controllers to control my real-world sprinklers, so I expect to see the reality of what we are coding here.  I played with this:

I’m wondering whether there might be some interesting things in the zeroconfig mDNS stuff… (I really like the “zero config” name). It adds the ability to discover services dynamically (“domains” such as printers, servers, music libraries, etc.).  Maybe we should add a domain “sprinkler” that then has topics for all the interesting things sprinklers do.  The MQTT server(s) could become a domain(s) within the rDNS service, which would name the “last will and testament” fail-over server if the primary one failed.

here are some links: – python-based framework (I got it to work a bit, even though it is very old code.)