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Hi Ray.

I am totally new anything you stand for with the OpenSprinkler concept and haven’t spent much time yet looking into this so I hope to not completely throw you off with my post/reply here. However, from what I can tell so far this is a super interesting product with endless opportunities. I am managing 4 houses with irrigation systems and it would be sweet to control them all from one platform remotely. Your system seems to obviously be able to do this. Now, the reason I am replying here is that to really make this work perfectly for me is to monitor water usage and specifically if the water is flowing when it shouldn’t. Getting an alarm per e-mail can save a lot of water in case a pipe is busted or a sprinkler doesn’t shut off correctly.

Did you make a flow sensor work with your system and if so, do you have a recommendation for a specific product?

Thank you for your patience with this total newbie to forums and open source programming…. 🙂