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Thanks, Ian…  I’ve been busy with other issues recently, and haven’t had time to keep up with all the stuff happening here. re: Fortran: yes, those were the good old days, punching cards, dropping decks, waiting for the computer operator to run your job, waiting 2 hours to find out that you missed a comma somewhere and blew the whole job.   But I also learned how to make cool paper airplanes by stapling together punched cards.  Just a quick calculation: my Raspberry Pi has 43 million times the “disk” storage and 80,000x the main memory, of the IBM 360/50 I learned on.

Dan: I did try to convert my controller over to OSPI from my working Arduino-based version, but couldn’t figure out how to program the individual zones to specific times… they were all fixed to the same time (15 min).  Am I missing something here?

P.S. my water district is now talking about doubling the water rates for the highest tier usage, which will really put a focus on more efficient watering…