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Dan in CA

@ Ian,

Thanks for the files. I will take a look as soon as I have a chance.

The best source of info on Git is the Pro Git book available for free download:

On my windows system I find tortoisegit very helpful:

Strange that it is on Google Code.

Some good Python resources are:

and if you are doing a google search for Python… be sure to look for StackOverflow links.


If you are moving from a recent rev of the Arduino OpenSprinkler, it has a new feature that allows individual run times to be set within a single program. It is on the todo list for ospi but is not available yet. You can make a program for each zone which actually gives you more flexibility. For example you can more easily change all the settings for a zone and enable/disable individual zones on the Programs page of the native UI.

Wow! Doubling top tier rates is a big jump. A vloume/$ limiting plugin seems like a worthwhile project to start ASAP. Or at least one that would display what you are using. It will probably take some fiddling to get to something that is really practical but if we don’t start…


Does hollerith code ring a bell? I learned system 360 programming in 1969 but spent the next 16 years in the (plant) nursery business.