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Request for input.

I have most of the functionality of the MQTT plugin working. This plugin allows you to configure the topic and content of MQTT messages sent in response to events (logged in, reboot, options change, controller change, station names change, programs change, zones change).

To configure the message content, you define a set of parameters as comma separated variables. The parameters can be a text string, a variable name from module gv, or a defined keyword such as Time, CPUtemp, CPUusage, RAMtotal, RAMused, RAMfree, Getlogin, and Uptime.   The gv variables are as defined in gv.reference.txt available in the /home/pi/OSPi directory on your system.

It is possible to define additional keywords that allow you to specify some other values not available via the gv module. These could be values derived from other variables, or obtained from other plugins. I would like to hear from anyone who has any suggestions along these lines (it would be helpful if you could explain how to calculate or otherwise obtain such values).

I still have to work on the Node Red example to process these messages, although the example will build on the earlier examples I posted.