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Hey Ian… I haven’t forgotten you… I just haven’t been able to get my system to work since I tried to do the upgrade.  I have done the Git Pull and the Blinker upgrade – and all is up to date… but whenever I try to run the software I get an “invalid server error”

here’s my error listing:

munnecke@ospilab /home/pi/OSPi $ sudo python

plugins loaded:
Starting timing loop
Monthly Adjust: Setting water level to 100%
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/pi/OSPi/web/”, line 239, in process
return self.handle()
File “/home/pi/OSPi/web/”, line 230, in handle
return self._delegate(fn, self.fvars, args)
File “/home/pi/OSPi/web/”, line 420, in _delegate
return handle_class(cls)
File “/home/pi/OSPi/web/”, line 396, in handle_class
return tocall(*args)
File “/home/pi/OSPi/”, line 94, in GET
return template_render.home()
File “/home/pi/OSPi/web/”, line 1020, in template
return self._base(t(*a, **kw))
File “/home/pi/OSPi/web/”, line 881, in __call__
return BaseTemplate.__call__(self, *a, **kw)
File “/home/pi/OSPi/web/”, line 808, in __call__
return self.t(*a, **kw)
File “templates/home.html”, line 311, in __template__
<td class=”scheduleTick” data=”2″></td>
IndexError: list index out of range – – [15/Nov/2014 19:50:23] “HTTP/1.1 GET /” – 500 Internal