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Dan, this is a guess, but the issue looks like it has to do with whether or not the day is different for the time zone I’m in versus GMT/UTC.  In other words, since I’m in Central Time (no daylight savings time right now), I am 6 hours behind GMT/UTC.  I’m guessing that if I look at the calendar from 6pm to 11:59:59pm, then the calendar will be off by a day; similarly, if I look at the calendar from 12:00:00 am to 5:59:59pm, it should be correct.  Please see below for my observations:

The date/time is November 15th 11:53pm Central time.  So, I’m looking at the log file via the web interface, and everything looks like it ran at the correct time (Saturday, November 15th at 8pm).  I also looked at the calendar view from the web interface and it looks correct for the 15th.

I look at the web interface calendar for the next run (should be 14 days later) and it shows the next run on Friday, November 28th.  **This is wrong; it should be Saturday the 29th.

I look at the logs from the mobile app and it shows that it ran at 2 am on November 16th.  **This is wrong; it looks like it is reporting the date and time from the wrong time zone (instead of CST it looks like it is using GMT/UTC).

The program preview on the mobile app also incorrectly shows the Saturday, November 15th at 8 pm run as Friday, November 14th at 8pm.  Similarly, the next scheduled run (November 29th) is now showing up on the 28th on the mobile app.

The date/time is now November 16 12:20 am Central time.  Looking at the web interface, everything (logs and calendar for all runs) is now correct.  For the mobile app, the logs still are being reported from the GMT/UTC time zone.  However, the calendar for all runs on the mobile app is now correct.