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When you say you can’t access the sprinkler from the web do you simply mean the web-ui, as in you are still on your local network and trying to access it?  Or, do you mean trying to access the sprinkler from another network?  The answer to either of these questions will vary what is needed to get everything working again.

If you are on the local network, make sure you can access the router, and that the sprinkler and computer used for access are on the same subnet.  For example, you set the sprinkler to, and you are trying to access it from  Note the 1 and 0 in the third position, this can make the sprinkler inaccessible locally if you do not have port forwarding set correctly, while still allowing the sprinkler to function outside the local network.  Essentially, it is acting like two separate local networks.  If that is not the case, the bridge may be blocking external IP addresses, make sure there is nothing acting like a firewall for your specific IP then try again.  If you can’t access the bridge on the network to reconfigure it, that is most likely your problem.

If accessing it from an external network is your problem, go through all your setting again, ensure you don’t have some simple problem blocking you from access.  For example, port forwarding is to port 8080 while the sprinkler is trying to be accessed from port 80.  This would cause no problems locally but externally there is a good chance it will drop the connection.  As a quick test for simple configuration errors, you could TEMPORARILY set the IP address for the sprinkler to the DMZ on the router.  If it works like that, first, remove it from DMZ, then meticulously verify all settings.

Another external access problem may be your leased IP address from your ISP has changed.  If you are trying to access 123.x.123.123:80, and your actual WAN IP address is 123.x.123.234:80, well then you will have problems.  These two issues are the most common problems with external access.


Depending on how knowledgeable you  are with networks, and their settings there are other things to try, but without knowing I don’t want to talk over your head and just cause more frustration.  So let’s see if the above helps, or we can get a bit more information.

When asking for help troubleshooting  anything, remember the person helping can not see what is happening or what it is you are doing, so always make sure you include enough information for a monkey of any sort to duplicate your problem, and if that’s not possible tell me what you are doing with your fingers, what you expect to happen, and what is actually happening.  Remember, as frustrating as it is for you, it can be even more frustrating for the person who wants to help, and can’t.