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Hi Shawn,

the issue is not with external access. I don’t forward it outside and there are no port forwarding or mapping. Also all of my equipment is on the same subnet, so we can rule that out as well. No internal firewalls are installed so my network can be considered a DMZ.

At the moment I can say that the connectivity is a little bit less reliable than “intermittent”, meaning that the controller can be accessed some times but cannot be accessed *most of the time*.

Sometimes I can access it after reloading the page couple of times, often I can’t load it at all.

I can see that the wireless bridge is connected to my wireless network correctly, so I can assume only that there is something wrong with the controller itself.

It seems to work fine and turns the sprinklers on and off on schedule but the web part is not reliable or I would say mostly unavailable.

I tried rebooting it once or twice but it did not help. Only after an hour or so I was able to access it.

Did any of you guys experience anything like that before?