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Really appreciate the fast responses.  Thank you.  Because the open sprinkler is in a waterproof box outside the arrow will be a good help in fault finding.  I will have to study the code at some stage to determine how it works.

djagerif ; Just for information – The arrow appears continously unless the ethernet connection to the tp-link is disconnected or after some lenghty time the arrow will swap to a normal network display (although it is not pingable from the network).

 I feel the power supply is adequate to supply the router, I was just wondering about any start up timing issues.

ray;  DHCP  – I have reserved an IP address using the MAC.   I had a lot of problems getting the TP – LINK to works as a client but once it was working I connected to the opensprinkler and all seemed ok.  Then the connection just became erratic or intermittent (lost connection messages) and then just stopped completely. I will see if there is some way to get the RF signal strength or even the Bit error rate (BER) from both end of the connevtion to determine if I have local interference or just bad reception.

PS.  i am really enjoying this product; as a electronic hobbiest but also as a gardener.