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I have been using two programs on my Opensprinkler (f/w ver 2.1.1) without trouble since I assembled my DIY kit and put it in use about a month ago.  However, when I added a third program today it seemed to trigger the same problem described here.

When attempting to save a 3rd program, it would become duplicated (might be another bug) adding a 3rd  and 4th program, but when I went back and deleted the 4th duplicate program I started having trouble not being able to login anymore…  I know the updated firmware should now correct this problem and I will update it again soon, but I temporarily corrected this issue by deleting the third program via entering the following in a web browser address bar “http://os-ip/dp?pw=opendoor&pid=2” .  This is explained in the “Firmware 2.1.1 API Document” in section 13.

I am reporting my experience with this trouble so that the software can be refined as needed to be improved / more trouble free and also help others that may encounter the same trouble.  So far I enjoy using the product and plan to soon connect it to my garage door opener as a way to remotely control it in addition controlling a koi pond fish feeder, an air line valve feeding a skimmer air stone (keep floating pellets out of the skimmer), and a Multi-cyclone MC50 waste water purge valve that are currently being controlled via individual timers and relays.  As you can tell, I plan to use it for much more than just controlling my sprinkler system and look forward getting these things mentioned working with it.