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Your right,  you did explain the timeout.  It was just as I started making the connection with the scanning modules on the firewall the first thing that popped into mind was the possibility of a time out of a few milliseconds.  I know that scanning the traffic doesn’t take 30 seconds; if it did anything I did over the internet would be noticeably slower.  As an example when I checked the url you posted above the results came back in a second or two.  If the filter was slowing the traffic down that bad, the results would’ve taken considerably longer to show.

I have not received any emails from Wunderground today, and I would have by this point if I exceeded the call limit.  I just checked my Wunderground page and the usage looks about right for a call every 15 minutes.  So I believe that isolates the issue to scanning modules of the UTM, what that is I don’t know yet.  I’ll do some digging this evening to see what else I can figure out.