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Well, I think we have it worked out.  I’ve created a bypass rule on the firewall for the OpenSprinkler controller.  So none of the traffic coming from or going to the controller get’s scanned by the filters.  Still don’t know what the controller didn’t like about the scanned traffic, but it appears to be working.  If things change I’ll let you know and if I ever figure out  what was being changed in the traffic I’ll pass that along as well.

Can I make a suggestion?  I was on the Wunderground page to check my Call count….that required me refreshing the page every couple of minutes to see if the Call count changed.  Would it be possible to add a Date/Time stamp of Last Attempted Call and a Date/Time stamp of Last Successful Call.  If it’s possible, putting it on the Weather Diagnostics page I think would be the most logical place.  It would make it a lot easier to troubleshoot if that is possible.

Something like this:

Min Humidity   67%

Max Humidity   93%

Mean Temp   23F

Precip Yesterday   0.00″

Precip Today   0.00″

Current % Watering   0%

Last Call Attempt   1/7/2015  7:13PM

Last Successful Call   1/7/2015  7:13PM 

Thanks for all the help!