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Phil Maron

Nice to know that this issue has been addressed since the problem occurred to me when I was away interstate with no way to rectify it until I came home some 4 days later. The issue that I saw was a little bit different in that creating a 3rd program while copying an existing one actually caused multiple copies to be created before I lost access. The upshot was that unfortunately my garden was very wet when I came home.

Anyway, the reason for my post is that I experienced the same issue a few times last night prior to having read this forum and each time I had to reset and restore the config. What I find now is that despite the fact that there has been no rain in the last 24 hours, the table view shows 3 entries for my rain sensor yesterday each for a runtime of 49709 days 14 hours and some minutes. One entry at 00:47:29 (AEDT), one at 00:50:04 and one at 01:01:56. Times not associated with my reset (unless they are for the default timezone). All other table data appears to be correct. The upshot is that the graph does not display correctly if I include yesterday’s date. Is there any way to remove these erroneous entries from the log without clearing the log altogether?