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Phil Maron

Just a further point on this. It seems to me that even if I can’t remove the offending entries from the log, it would be acceptable that if when I uncheck rain sensor or rain delay from the chart, the chart would redraw without the issue. I’m not really sure why it doesn’t behave that way to be honest. While I was looking at the chart view, it also occurred to me that it seems a little annoying that disabled stations are included in the graph. I realise that there may be some occasions where this is desirable so I don’t know if they should be removed from the graph automatically just because they are disabled but I would have thought that at least they should be unchecked by default or alternatively, and probably preferably, it would be nice to provide an option in the station config to exclude a chosen station from appearing anywhere in the interface other than “edit stations”. No biggie, just a suggestion!