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My version 2.0 open sprinkler is now blank.No display.This is the sequence .downloaded the latest osFW updater zip and the zadig zip used univeral extracter to unzip.Plug  open sprinkler into windows 7 pro pc  usb port.Display lights up.Windows message device not os updater  click detect device get failed.Download firmware successfull.Tried manually select device 2.0 and upload  firmware and get failed.Next I removed all earlier usb tiny and os updater downloads and started over.downloaded zips for updater and usbtiny from your links.unzipped with windows explorer and this time was promted to unzip extra files in folders.  pluged in controller to usb , opened os updater, download firmware successful,detect device worked version 2.0,clicked upload and screen went blank and never came on again.Tried to put controller back on valves,nothing.Plug controller back in to pc no display but get windows unknown device message and in device manager shows unknown device.What next?Previous updates worked fine.I have thirty plus valves in adesert climate and need to fix this.thanks rwp