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plugged the now no display controller into alternate usb port.device manager shows libusb-win32 devices

-usb tinySPI.Properties says this device is working properly.details say not digitaly signed.driver up to date.When I plug the controller in I get unknown device but if I do the b2 release I see usb tiny in device manager but no wizard no  promt to install.Try os  updater but only  fail to detect and fail to upload.Tried zadig again installed and went through the prompts.checked libusb-win32 (v1.2.6.0) selected usbtinySPI from options menu [show all devices] clicked install[did this three times]Opened osFW updater files- navigated to windows to osFW updater- opened and then download firmware successful–detect device failed–upoload firmware failed.This is definately a 2.0 controller green plug.updater say check log text for details but I don’t know where that is.any hope here? thanks rwp I would  reset to factory if possible to solve this.

The last tries I get an error code in device manager in usb tiny #10 and one time #43.I going to try on my laptop.