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zadig shows USBtinyISP and device manager shows libusb-win32 devices  and USBtinyISP .If i plug the controller into the pc  device manager shows unknown device.I unplug and unknown device goes away.Even though it’s a 2.0 controller if I replug it in with the b2 it shows up as libusb-win32-USBtinyISP  in device manager. It fails to update and no longer works at all when connected to the valves and  tplink and 24v power supply.Its never been connected to anything but the usb on the pc and it’s connections to valves,tplink and 24v power.The device manager has  returned the following–before trying to update”this device is working properly”windows has determined that the software is up to date USBtinySPI”under properties it shows signed driver provided libusb-win32.Next with the usbtiny recognized I try to update and get failed detect failed upload.Going back to device manager sometimes it says this device is working properly and twice had an error message code 10 once and code 43 once.