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Hiouchi John

Great work Mike, very inspirational.

I’ve been searching for a while for an irrigation controller that also uses moisture sensors. For my needs, I want to have 1 moisture sensor per valve. I really don’t care if I have to run wires, as that is less batteries to replace, however wireless options would be great as well.

I like the direction that you are going with your project, however if I could make a suggestion, with the costs you have detailed above, that it would be fairly costly for me to have 1 sensor per valve. A 10 valve system could be nearly $1000 to automate with your sensors.

(before I found this thread) I had ordered a moisture sensor system from a new startup, plant link. Not sure how well they will work yet as they haven’t arrived but on a cost comparison the wireless sensors are priced at $35 each, though you do need a slightly more expensive base station as well. (and all they do is moisture, no sprinkler control)


The moisture sensor that you have chosen looks awesome, however is there a reason that you went with it and not one of the cheaper ones? something like


Is there an easy way to integrate the moisture sensor with wires to the OSPi? and why the pi and not the regular open source sprinkler kit?

I want to buy an open sprinkler however should I go with the regular or pi version?