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Hiouchi John

Thanks for the link. I just checked that out and I think I might buy one to test out. Its half of what I want to happen. So thats not bad. I do like how it will allow the valve to turn on when you hit a desired dryness. Edit.What I wish it would do is in addition to turning on when dry it would not turn on if too wet. That way it stays in a range of moisture. Other improvements would be digital control instead of the variable resistor and logic that allowed the sensors to fully control the valves instead of the sprinkler timer. Ie: maybe the plants want water twice a day some days and other days once, or maybe they want water every 14 hrs for the first month and then water every 9 hours the second month. The acceptable range would allow the plants to govern when they wanted water.

I grow in a greenhouse, with beds. The last two years my strawberries have fried out as I’ve been trying to conserve water due to the drought. With so many types of veggies and a hectic schedule stuff just gets watered unevenly.


I plan on buying an opensprinkler. Since I am interested in integration with sensors. Is it a wiser decision to buy the pi version as it has a greater chance of being future integrated with sensors?




Edit, after thinking about this for a while I realized my logic was wrong and the feature of turn on if dry does create a range. As buying 1 relay per sensor is still kinda expensive if you scale out, is there a way to build a version of the relay you linked to but with support for more sensors and valves but still one sensor per valve? hmmm