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Ray, I am having a similar issue. I can’t connect to my Opensprinkler remotely, and the weather¬†adjustment isn’t changing. My device is hardware version 2.2, app version 1.2.8, running 2.1.2 firmware. I previously has an earlier version of Opensprinkler and it worked fine. I use dynamic DNS and port fowarding. This is working fine for other devices on my home network. I’ve even set it up as port 80 as well on my external interfact (ie external IP port 80 mapping to Opensprinkler port 80. I’ve seen a few threads saying this is fixed, and also that multiples of 3 programs may cause issues. I had 3 program, but added a fourth (inactive) one and are still seeing issues. Don’t know what to try next….
Cheers, dman