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Firmware 2.1.3 is pretty much ready to be released. The plan is to release it when Apple approves OpenSprinkler iOS app 1.2.9, which may take a few additional days. The reason is that the new app now supports md5-hashed password on firmware 2.1.3, so we need to make sure the app is available before the firmware is released. Right now the app has already been updated on most platforms except iOS.

As a quick heads-up, firmware 2.1.3 will be the first unified firmware that runs on all OpenSprinkler platforms, including the standard OS (microcontroller-based), OSPi, and OSBo. Feature-wise, it has added support to use sunrise/sunset times (with up to 4 hours of offset) in program start times. For example, you can define a program to start at sunrise + 30 minutes, or sunset – 45 minutes and so on. I will make an announcement with details when it’s officially released.