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Hi  Ray,

I’ve worked with the digital DHT11 and the DS18b20 sensors and know how to work with the related libraries and sketches, but what I’m most interested in is seeing examples of how others have specifically done theirs in relation to modifying the Opensprinkler code.  I’ve downloaded the latest version from ( and have viewed it, but just haven’t taken the next step of trying to modify it much “yet”…

I have done research / testing with these sensors (DHT11 and the DS18b20 in addition to other sensor / devices) from a stand alone Arduino Uno via the IDE program serial output and will do more once I receive an LCD screen and Ethernet shield that I have ordered.  I previously ordered a cheap W5100 based ethernet shield off ebay, but unfortunately haven’t been able to get it to work correctly after trying multiple libraries and example sketches (to help minimize the possibility of some unknown incompatibility issue or a mistake on my part) so there is a chance that it could just be a dud even though the link lights and such appear to work.  As mentioned, I have ordered another mid priced one from a vendor that is supposed to be US based and therefore not take 3+ weeks to receive which is normal for the numerous over seas vendors plastered all over ebay and Amazon selling Arduino related products….


Any tips, code examples, forum thread links, etc. that you or others could share would be greatly appreciated.