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One more question.

The old User Manual ( said the following about preview:

How does the program preview feature work:


This feature is implemented using a Javascript that performs a full software simulation. It uses the same algorithm that the controller runs. Therefore what you see is what you get: the graph faithfully represents how the controller will the programs during that day. All relevant parameters, such as station delay time, master on/off time, and each station’s master operation flag are taken into account in the simulation. If you are unsure whether you have set the programs correctly, you can easily use the preview feature to find out.

Above, you stated:

It’s only a preview issue, and doesn’t affect how the controller runs the programs.

I must say that I prefer the former “what you see is what you get” behavior. With the recent bugs, it is becoming harder for me to trust the preview. Are there plans to restore it to “what you see is what you get”, or has there been a fundamental change in the way this is implemented?