OpenSprinkler Forums OpenSprinkler Unified Firmware preview not showing program repeats (FW 2.1.2) Reply To: preview not showing program repeats (FW 2.1.2)



Regarding your first question: the preview is showing the correct run sequence. The issue is that your program takes 47 minutes to run, but your repeat cycle is set to 45 minutes. That means it’s trying to schedule the program again while the first run is still running. Therefore some stations cannot be rescheduled because it conflicts with the first run. You should set the repeat cycle time to at least 47 minutes.

Regarding your second question: it has always been our intention to have preview accurately reflect what the controller does. However, since these are two different programs — the controller runs firmware, and the preview is written in Javascript, there are inevitably some differences. When bugs are introduced, that will cause the preview to have different prediction than what the controller actually does.