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I agree that the Zimmerman algorithm as documented is working as documented (from the data it displays). However, Wunderground calls out my min temp of around 54F and the App is calling out my MEAN (i.e. average) temperature to be 54. I believe either Wunderground or the script is getting/giving the wrong temperature value(grabbing min instead of mean). Realize my high for the day is 83F. Mean temperature can’t be 54 (ok at least not in my city )

I hope you see the problem with having almost zero watering on an 80+F weather day. I hope it gets revised, otherwise i doubt anyone will use that feature without regrets.

Two of the main reasons I was interested in the OS design (ok 3) is 1. open source, 2. flow rate measurement/customization and 3. weather adjustments

For now I’m adjusting watering % manually so my plants don’t die 🙂

If that gets figured out then this blows away my previous ‘smart’ irrigation controller.