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Ray – What I meant was that I tried to see if there is power on the pins without the BBB connected to the OSBo. From what you describe that is not possible. I did put the BBB and OSBo together again. But no luck.

When using the Multimeter, yes I am running the OpenSprinkler program. Made sure that the Linux Ubuntu OS on the BBB kicked off the program (via the init.d). Linux command ps -ef | grep ospi returns python This confirms that the program is running. Then using the assigned IP:8080 I log into Dan’s program and use the “Run Once” option. I set each station to run for 5 minutes. I have 6 stations connected to the valves. Not a single valve was activated.

I tried setting the stations to go manual with 10mins the cutoff time. And turned on all the stations. The timer countdown happens on the application but the valves do not open. There is no voltage on the pins / connector.

I am out of ideas to try and isolate this problem. I will reach out to support.