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Reporting Back.

Everything A OK on OpenSprinkler firmware 2.1.3.

NO/NC work exactly as expected.

Thanks Ray for the super support.


As a Post Script:

I would like add that Dan’s project seemed so much easier to get online reliably. I understand that this is an enthusiasts’ project and it takes a good understanding of the underlying technologies. I thought I had a basic understanding, however, I have found that the OpenSprinkler firmware much more difficult to work with.

I recoginise that these issues are down to my lack of skill and or knowledge but even Mr Google makes it easier to find working solutions with Dan’s software. This is not a criticism of OpenSprinkler as I understand that so much time has gone into development. Really wish that softwares had very different names as would make research so much easier.

The beauty of Dan’s system to me was the ease of network configuration and running automatically at boot. These things have been so much more difficult with OpenSprinkler.

OSPi dead simple to set up and make bulletproof (wifi and restarting software automatically at power failure), OpenSprinkler works with sensor. Probably PICNIC or PEBCAK but just my experience.