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I have been playing around with this in Python with these meters…  the meters seem very sound, the cap is a bit flimsy and the sensor wires probably need to be protected better.  They are delivering a very good square wave over 200 feet of cat-5 cable.  (I’ll dig out an oscilloscope trace if folks want to see it)  The prices seem to be pretty good, too. A 3/4″ meter for $87.50.

I would love to see the log contain the actual number of gallons delivered per zone activation.  The average flow rate is very interesting to see for tracking gushers, drip system problems, pressure problems, etc.  deviations in flow rate at a certain level should trigger some action… perhaps shutting down the master valve.

I also want to see the flow meter’s data even when the OS circuits are not running… the automatic pool filler (which I may want to switch on or off with its own sprinkler circuit), or other things.

I have a 1 1/2″ 100 GPM flow meter that pulses per 10 gallons… too much for my application.  I also have a 3/4″ model that pulses per .1 gal.  This gives a much nicer flow, and allows detection of the end of the session much better.

I don’t need the big meter, and would be happy to sell it at a discount, if anyone needs to work with the higher flow rates.  (the meter isn’t rated for pool water, I found out after purchasing )