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I think 2 days a week watering is only applied if your water supplier doesn’t already have a restriction plan in place.  However, I do like the idea of adding this feature.  It appears that although the watering percentage is performed on a server/script remotely, some of the other values are being passed back to the getweather_callback function.  I haven’t tried this yet but this is what i coded up so far, essentially making it easy to modify the weather.cpp based on the watering algorithm you want (in my case I do not like the temperature to affect the watering percentage where 1F = 4%) so I’ve changed it to 2% so it’s less agressive based on temperature fluctuations (anyone else prefer a less sensitive temperature/% factor than 4% also)?

If the remote server could provide additional data to the OS then users could modify in the OS code for the watering algorithm….?  If anyone see’s a problem or has a suggestion with the code changes attached please let me know.  Alternatively it would be great to have a few settings we could change such as baseline temperature, and multiplication factor without having to change the code.  My last irrigation controller allowed you to specify sensitivity of temperature and humidity along with the baseline values and that seemed to be flexible and work great.