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Ray: yes, this is the sensor family I am using–C-03-1/dp/B00D2ME5MC  I am a little ticked at them that after talking with their tech support, they ended up recommending a meter with a 10 gal pulse rate.  This is way too slow of a rate (some times one pulse every 90 sec) but they won’t exchange or restock it for a 1 gal rate.  So 1 gal (or even .1 gal) is the way to go.  It’s hard to figure out when the flow has stopped with the longer pulses.  I’ve attached a DSO trace of the pulse wave form over 200 ft of cat 5 cable.  I seem to get some spurious interrupts that I don’t understand or can trace on my Bitscope.

My configuration is that my irrigation master line branches off from my house water line just after the main meter.  I am installing a Dywer flow meter on the irrigation line so that can measure all of my backyard water usage (including an auto pool fill valve, vegetable gardens, hose bibs, etc.  I am using two OS controllers for my main sprinklers.   It would prefer to use just one controller and slave the other circuits to an extension box, but that would be a 300ft run.  In the past, I’ve been sprinkling odd days on one controller, even on another.  But with the California water shortage, I’m supposed to water only on certain days.  So, now I have to figure out how to synchronize the two controllers.

So, I would like to see my flow data on both controllers, and also to see what is happening when the circuits are off (very important for leak detection.)