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Thanks again everyone for the advice and tips.  I haven’t ordered the wifi adapter yet, but I’m lucky enough that there is an access point on the other side of the wall where the OpenSprinkler will be mounted.

Ray, that video describing the OSBee Arduino Shield was very useful!  Thank you.

I hope I might humbly offer some advice.  The chassis the RPi and OSPi sit in appears to be for an older version of the OSPi board and RPi board.  I knew to expect a window on the front of the chassis with a view of the electronics, but I wasn’t expecting a number of the cutout ports on the chassis, such as USB, B1, B2, B3, and RJ45, to not line up to the boards in the correct location.  Its not just an aesthetic thing like the window of the electronics; it makes some of these ports unusable unless I Dremel out some holes.  I also wasn’t expecting the power switch to be missing.  Interestingly, I only received enough screws to mount the electronics to the front panel, but not enough to mount it to the wall.  🙁

Looking at the manual I can see there are some photos that look like they might show this, but I certainly didn’t notice it when I read it the first time.  I am willing to look past this, but honestly for $77 I would have hoped for a chassis that lines up to the ports properly, and an off switch, or at the very least some kind of notice in the manual that the chassis is meant for an older revision of the electronics, in big red letters, with a visual depiction showing the differences.   I understand you probably have an inventory of these chassis’ you’re looking to offload, but I really hope you might in the future respin the chassis for OSPi v1.4, and RP A+,B+,2, and offer to send it out to us for the cost of shipping.

Since we’re on to topic of the chassis, I would love to see a new chassis where the electronics can be fixed to back plate of the chassis, and the front cover can freely snap on and off (or screw, if you’d like).  Right now, the entire chassis has to be taken off the wall, to get to the electronics.  It would be nice if the chassis back plate was permanently fixed to the wall.  Then the electronics fixed to the plate could be removed/attached independent of whether or not the back plate was anchored to the wall.  And, finally the cover either snaps, or screws, on/off of the back plate.

OK, I’m done rambling.. My RPi image just finished downloading. 🙂