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This is a great kit. Easiest one I have done. Completed in less than an evening. Too bad it’s now discontinued. I guess I got mine just in time.

I had the same 130 ohm reading on Vin and 1.8k on Vcc. Considering that I had tested them the evening before and that they both read fine,
I made sure I didn’t have any bridges or shorts and based on this entry, checked the voltages. They read about 4.5V and 2.8V instead of the 5V and 3.3V I was expecting. I assumed that this would be within the tolerance, I then inserted the chips and powered it on without any issue. I haven’t checked the Volts with the chips in place but considering it all works fine, I flashed to the latest firmware and installed near my distribution panel.

I just need winter to be over to see the programs do their thing…

Works great!