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I’ve tried changing the station location several times; each time the “weather diagnostics” changes almost immediately. That is, everything changes except for the “Current % Watering” value which remains at 14% always. Not sure how long I need to wait to see if that changes.

So then I used a REST client to hit the URI you gave me with the added parameters of “loc” and “key”. Here is the URI:

And the GET returned the following response:


…so if I then look on the WebApp and check the “Weather Diagnostics” I get the attached screenshot.

Interestingly, however, if you plug in the values into the algorithm you get -106.4 which should be clamped to zero. And yet the screenshot shows the % watering is invariant and still at 14% regardless of station.

Now looking at the response from the GET I see that “scale” is CORRECT in the response to the GET, but wrong on the openSprinkler.

So does this mean my openSprinkler is not communicating properly?

What I don’t understand is: how can the openSprinkler get all the values correct except one??