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The good news is that sunday I was able to generate a report using HTTP GET and show how many GPM each station is and how many total gallons, from the existing logfile.  However when I ran the script again today to get the logfile from this morning’s run, it only displayed about 1/2 and only sometimes, other times it never returned anything.  Perhaps the added field is causing some instability?

Attached is log 16516 which is sunday, and looks good along with my perl script report called “sunday report ok.txt” that just takes the logfile and formats it.  In 16516 you can see the last field which is GPM.

Log file 16518.txt and “tuesday report cut off.txt”.  You can see 16518.txt has all the data in there, but the HTTP GET at the top of the tuesday report stops early so my formatted script output also stops early.

The modification to add flow sensor data is pretty easy, just the ISR and of course adding the one additional field when it writes the data to the logfile.  I can provide the code for that if you like.

The Min GPM is out of the entire report for that valve (over up to however many days the report was generated for) what the min value was, and the MAX GPM is the maximum GPM observed over the entire report run time for that valve.  Last GPM is the last GPM measured on that valve, helpful to see if the underflow/overflow condition still exists.  Might add a low threshold and upper threshold for the script to flag zones that are too wide – where last GPM is outside a set range.  Also plan on calculating cost per month based on # of days in the report and scaling it with the tot gallons for each zone.

The actual #.txt logfiles I took out the SDHC card and read it on the computer which showed they look right even though the OS isn’t returning all the data.