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I understand your setup and also the issue.

For the app, when using an SSL proxy, it has to have a valid SSL certificate. There isn’t anyway around this from my app’s perspective as these are limits by the OS. Furthermore, my framework (PhoneGap) doesn’t have a way to allow non-valid SSL certificates. Therefore, it needs to be valid. I personally pay for a few domains and use a router or linux server to update my DNS (if it changes). I also use the domain with StartSSL to get a valid SSL certificate.

Regarding the web interface, like I said earlier, the CORS header is missing. Which deamon are you using for your SSL proxy (Apache, nginx, etc)? Here is a sample Apache configuration to fix the issue:

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
        # Add support for cross origin requests
        Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

If you want to see the error message, right click the browser window and push “Inspect Element” anywhere. This will open a new window which has a “Console” tab. This tab will show you error messages in red and when you get kicked back to the home screen you will likely get an error here. If you can, send the error message my way so we can confirm the issue.

Lastly, addressing your point about the URL: If you check SSL it uses ‘https://&#8217; where as the standard is ‘http://&#8217;. That’s the only difference.