Incidentally, the instructions given for setting up the new C++ based kernel have an issue. Obviously, it is necessary to inactivate the Dan’s Python kernel to prevent device contention and allow access to port 8080. However, the original instructions for installing the Python interval programming and making it start automatically (http://rayshobby.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Python_Interval_Program_for_OSPi#Starting_the_program_automatically) use an entry in rc.local. However, the instructions for disabling the Python interval program indicate that the program is auto-started via init.d (using update-rc.d). Running sudo /etc/init.d/ospi stop will give an error (file not found) if one followed the link above for automatically starting the Python interval program (which I did). Instead, it is necessary to remove (or comment out) the lines in /etc/rc.local that start the Python interval program on reboot.


Note that even after doing so, I am still getting network errors reported in the web app. I will try with completely fresh installs of Raspbian to see if that might fix this issue, but for now, I’ll need to stick with Dan’s program.