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Hi Sean,

Thanks for your response.

I’ve confirmed that the program is enabled.

Weather adjustment is unchecked.

Weather diagnostics report the current values.

The view logs table does report the last several entries for when it watered, however, these watering intervals where triggered by a manual ‘Run Program’ from the Edit Programs page.  I did the last several times when I realized that the program was NOT starting up automatically.

The preview programs for the next scheduled day looks right – I see a block of time for the 4 stations scheduled.  If I advance the view to the next scheduled day, it shows the blocks starting a bit earlier to correspond to the Sunset start time parameter.

I’m not using a rain sensor, and while I have a weather underground key, the adjustment is set to manual and the % water is set to 100 (default).

From my view, everything looks right.  As mentioned the first time it was scheduled to run everything ran fine.  It’s only after the subsequent scheduled runs did it fail to start and required manual intervention to run the program.

Next scheduled run is tomorrow.

Is there any advise what I should be looking at in the event is does start up automatically tomorrow?