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just a “me too”, and I cant reproduce it either!

In my case, running my stations via the “run once” menu resulted in them running for semi-random longer-than-scheduled times. My five stations were meant to run sequentially with 10, 20, 10, 20 and 20-minute runtimes. The actual runtimes were 19:22, 27:28, 30:00, >64min, and >53min. The last two were still running when I manually aborted the run-once schedule.

The actual observed runtimes agreed with the log entries.  Since the runtimes were much longer than normal, but the station start times were correct (staggered by exactly 10 or 20mins from the previous station), this meant that the stations were running in parallel for a lot of the time. At least I know that my 24V power supply can handle several solenoids at once!

This is all with the latest unified firmware on a RPI model B. As I mentioned, after deleting the scheduled program and re-entering it, and rebooting, I am unable to reproduce the problem. Both a run-once for 30 seconds per station and regular scheduled program executed perfectly the next day.

Of course, since then it has rained continuously and I’ve disabled the schedule until things are less soggy, so I havent tested any further.